by We Move Mountains

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released July 2, 2013

Album Artwork by Louis Byron Broadhead
Tracked, Mixed & Mastered by Keller Doom
Guest Appearance on "There She Blows!...And Boy, Does She!" by Jeremy Bushnell of Cowardice
Guest Appearance on "Albion Top For Once" by Dylan Hanwright of I Kill Giants



all rights reserved


We Move Mountains Seattle, Washington

Zesty - Vocals
Keller -Vocals/Guitar
Ethan - Guitar
Mark - Bass
Max - Drums

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Track Name: Déjà Pensé
These are dark times
And dark times call for the lightless methods
By the ominous will anonymous hatred dissolve
Our character soon shows it's uncovered face

The human race knows not what comes before it
To accept is your salvation

Deny as you have and nothing will change
Deny as you have and purgatory becomes you

Chance of survival plummets downward
How hard could it be to take a life
And leave his wife with nothing?
All for a possible greater something?

Fear consumes
Oblivion follows

I just want it all to be okay for you and me

I just want...anything
So maybe someday, someone will find me as more than memories

I just want you
I just want the valley
I just want bridges
I just want bodies

I just want it all to be okay

Playing God is below us all
A proper king wouldn't want to be
Track Name: Van Nuys
You have a disconcerting outlook that my eyes can't meet with
Your words wear reassurance and yet our stability's absent

Rip me in half again and again
I am small and I am empty
Because every time I had to leave I left you with a part of me
And now all I am is this hole to show you what you mean to me

On the subject of balance
The read on your scales is so backwards
That a defined home has made home in the back of your mind

Narcoleptic loyalty
Septic priorities
The point is that while we're waiting for you to come back
You're forcing yourself into a world without us
A gesture of abandon, it seems

Icing over
Huddled in a corner
Making your peace with fate
Our grasp is forever towards you

Your latest creation is worry
But your brand is hurried
So won't you scurry on back, my friend?
Your word is soon to go bad

And I'm sorry if I scared you away with the waterworks, but it's just that you're family to me, and I don't throw that around like it's nothing

You have a place in my heart, damn it
I just want to see some reciprocation

I'll write a billion words in a million books and never be able to say the thousands of things I need to make sure are remembered until we are sewn back together
Of course the only way to get us close is to tear us from our homes
So won't you turn the music up in the head phones and come fast back home?

The inevitable hurting shows
The uncomfortable anger grows
So come home, come home, come home
Track Name: There She Blows!...And Boy, Does She! (ft. Jeremy Bushnell of Cowardice)
In a similar style
You, like Christ, worked your way into superstition
Mouth caked with filth
Syrupy cusses gather around my gums

Are you so weak?
Take a look at yourself and see why things aren't going the way you planned

First and foremost make this worthwhile

Unhinge the jaw and let loose
(Have faith in what's yours)
Don't fear the obstacles
But tear them to pieces
(Believe me, there's no way out)

This is the kind of baggage that you should leave unattended
Instead your grip loosened on our end
It tightened on their's
And when the devil saw his chance
He snatched us right up
Now infants are foaming at the mouths
Carving their flesh at such a young age
Who's to blame? Who's to say?
My money's on the one hiding to save herself

Have you ever seen someone rise? And if you have, did you stay to watch them fall?
Earthquakes are simply mistakes and we're only human

The sandbox you used to play in was lost from view so abruptly that I could have sworn that you were strangers
To me and yourselves
Track Name: Slow Down Manic
I can't quite tell you what I'm thinking
Because I haven't quite figured it out yet

She loves me
She loves me not
Well she pities
And she finally found her reason to let me down slowly

Who do you expect me to be?
I am all that I am because of the things that make me

(For once) open your eyes and close your mouth and hear what I have to say
You act like an actor until we're face to face

Do you think that I can't see inside you?

Lie to me
Be a man
Just this once(tell me what your thinking)
Bury me in everything that you've been suppressing

Safeties off
And I am a loaded gun

Someone pulled the rug out from under me
I'm slipping and the only thing left to grasp onto is what's left of my city
And the edge that I've been so familiar with
And Winter has her way with me again
And now the only thing left to grasp onto is...

Safeties off and I am a loaded gun

I am who I am
Track Name: Blue Alert
I'm heading for the floor
And refusing to reach for a hold of safety
Maybe you won't catch me

So what happens now?
What happens when the pinnacle of mankind falls?
All hope is lost

To most this would be failure
But i learn from my mistakes

The truth to it, if I ever knew it
But we could all be wrong

Taste the sores in your mouth
And you just try and tell me that they don't make you smile
Would you treasure your bile the same?
What's the value of being ashamed?
Does pre-produced sadness deserve it's acclaim?

Damn you like you damned me to the bottom of Styx
I blossomed under the devil's feet
And dragged my covered body back up to the surface

Every pull, another part of me
Stains and remains: I am told on the very walls of hell

How ironic that you would fall for the fel
I hope you sell yourself for just a day to see

We're taking a waltz back into the darkness to play with fate
Who's coming with us?
Track Name: Kalibar's Revenge
What eats at my heart will eat at your thoughts
In the same way these words devoured our ties

Any strength I have left's an illusion
Conjured by these selfish conclusions

See the fear on my shoulders?
My courage forsaken?
Yes, I have mistaken you for the shepherd and so much more

I last expected a tyrant
A worthy archetype of the crown
But we all play the fool one time or another
(I expected so much more from you)

But a spectacle of paranoia eating away potential is all I get
Shattered bones and accepting the overgrown is the closest we'll ever be to perfect

These decisions kill me
A part of our friendship that I don't understand
There's no lost pride in admitting I'm wrong every now and again

We’re both troubled souls
I’m a hollowed whole who finds his filling in how we feel
Reveal, I beg you, reveal

I'm only giving you more reasons to push me away
What I want the most is for you to stay
My intentions are in your favor

And I’m happy to be here again

My faith has grown and with it
Limits will be broken
Track Name: Little Miss Too-Much-Of-A-Good-Thing
Ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner
I'm fasting for weeks to the god of "make me thinner"
Sugar got around? She's a pageant winner
All this flesh is the sound of a textbook sinner

Vandalize our nest, it's what's best for me
Brothers, intake bleach so that I know what I'm missing
Burn everything
Know no safety

To shout about ulterior motives
I'm the culprit and the victim
If I can't find time, bury me alive

Play off all of your blessings as if luck holds to your fate
You forget common decency to make room for your hate
I cannot relate

Who's left to wait on me when my whole world's gone lazy?
Maybe I can cause a ruckus when that whole world's gone to sleep

Here I go again
Always trying to explain my self, my actions
Let me look into limiting leisure
Respond around rope around real tight

I'm waiting to hear your confession
I want my supports to give
Abandon me, I need penance
Crash down, oh, life I live
Track Name: Death Blossom
My drama’s only on once a week
I spend my spare time watching others

Biting success is biding time to live

What’s the foundation to a present love affair?
Why the contraceptives when we’re running low on air?

You've spun a social tension completely from spite

So what if I die tonight?
So what if I pride myself in the fact that I’m pure as a fucking pig?

You’re replaying old tapes of your relapses as the structure protecting you from another collapses

Are you still playing rockstar?
Well I’m still a kid that no one understands

Comments you make always trigger a fit
My style over yours? I’m sick of this shit
Biting success is biding time to live
I’m always screaming to at least one kid

Fellow Rylans: Victory or death

What have we been born into?
I can't tell if I've been blessed or cursed
Because they say ignorance is bliss
And, by God, I think I know too much already

Are you still playing rockstar?
Well I’m still a kid that no one understands.
Track Name: Albion Top For Once (ft. Dylan Hanwright of I Kill Giants)
I stand behind myself
Both with empty books in hand
"The trick is in the broken spine," he said to himself
He would say to himself

Time has left me with what I wouldn't expect
And time has left me
A lot has left me a man

In his image, I bled
What does that make him and more importantly what does that make me?

This mind grants me the will to be better
These memories will miss you forever
These tears make me stronger than you

Calluses grow roots into fertile calluses
I'm becoming who I wanted to be
Not the fairytale drunk who beats his regrets
Or the darling whore who uses self esteem as currency

I am every choice you wish you made

Every doubt and belief have stained my pages
And you have shared your blood with me

Though some have dripped blackest falsehood, none has been spilled by you
Your flaws may break you but they still make you who you are

And the last line read:

"Life has taught me friends you'll never know."